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Sifilis is an old and rather serious disease
Syphilis is an old and rather serious disease.If Syphilis is not cured in time, it infects different organs and systems of a human being and can finish up with blindness, heart, nervous, diseases, tumors and death. 
It is possible to get infected with sifilis through sexual wey, blood, way of life, from a sick mother to the child during the pregnancy period, delivery and feeding with breast. The signsof sifilis are hard shankr (painless ulcer), grown up lymph nodes, skin rashes.In case of discovering sifilis in time, it can be completely cured. It is necessary to know that in order to prevent the repeated infection or the infection among the surrounding people, all the people, who had sexual or everyday close relations with the infected person, must be examined.Very often, especially among women, the initial phases of the disease have no signs. If the disease is not cured, it can become chronic and can last for years gradually and seriously infecting the inner organs and nervous system.To prevent this illness it is necessary to follow the hygine rules,use a protector or refuse a sexual relation.
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