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Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave Real Madrid


Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave Real Madrid
Striker of Real Madrid and Portugal national team Cristiano Ronaldo in conversation with the leadership of the Club asked to allow him to leave the team. According to him, he does not feel comfortable in the team.
«Aware of my concerns. The Club will know why I'm upset. I am very pleased that Granada has scored two goals and most importantly - Real Madrid won. No longer would like to talk about this topic, you need to concentrate on the next game for the national team. I met with Florentino Perez and said that I wanted to leave the team,» - said Ronaldo
The Portuguese also admitted that he had soured relations with partners, in particular, with Fabio Coentrao and Marcelo, who was his best friend along with Pepe.

In Spain believes that the cause of sadness Ronaldo is Kaka


Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka
Real Madrid's management and the coaching staff the team really want striker Cristiano Ronaldo felt the happiest man, according to the Spanish press.
But, as recently stated the Portuguese footballer, far from it. Ronaldo said he's upset against representatives of the Club, which is celebrating goals in goals. He even asked the President Royal Club Florentino Perez to allow him to leave Real Madrid. He further stated that his mood was not due to financial issues. Meanwhile, many took the opposite view.
According to the source, is to blame for the bad mood, his fellow Portuguese is Kaka. The latter could not be sold to another Club, which will have until at least the winter transfer window to pay him a higher salary. It does not allow Peres to raise wages of Ronaldo that greatly upset the latter.

Cristiano Ronaldo: “I started my speech for Manchester United”


Interview on last season's Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, winning the title and the upcoming Euro-2012
Interview on last season's Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, winning the title and the upcoming Euro-2012… 
“I really want to achieve success at the upcoming European Championships with his national team. All in Madrid and only talk about the Champions League and its importance for OS blancos. Last season we were very close to win this tournament, but we had no luck. Our team is to win the Champions League next season. I'm sure we can”. 
“We have not been able to get to the finals, losing in a penalty shoot-out. You cannot win a series of penalty kicks, without realizing the three attacks. I think we have proved in the first half of the match with Bayern, but the second half is not has gone right for us. Perhaps the reason for this is the complex calendar and moral tension. I understand that this is not justification for our defeat. Bayern was playing in the final with an excellent game. At the helm is a great mentor undone.” 
“I started my speech for Manchester United FC at the age of 18 years, and Sir Alex was for me as a father. He supported me in many ways, and I've learned to have many important things. I can say with confidence that he is a wonderful man. Now, my tutor is José Mourinho, which I consider to be the best coach in the world. It motivates me, and I can improve more and more. I really enjoyed working with him.” 
“I think we had better Barcelona this year. They demonstrated its corporate football, but we managed to beat them and bring the case before the title. To date, we are stronger Barcelona.” 
“Last year, journalists asked me if I beat my record of success, and I replied that I improved with each season. I understand that it would be difficult to score more League goals in 46 years of procedure, but nothing is impossible. I have enough strength and power to beat this result. Also, it would be difficult to beat the record, 100 points for the season, but I think this is real.” 
“Every year I want to improve their level of play. And this is not a competition with Messi, this contest with yourself. People like to compare me with Messi, but it's still that compare "Porsche" and "Ferrari". We are completely different players. We are in different clubs, playing for different national teams. We simply cannot be compared.” 
“I have no right to judge whether I deserve Golden Ball this season or not. Just saying that this year has been fantastic in my career. I first became the champion of Spain, which is very important for me. Now I am completely focused on the game of football, and will try to show the best side to the euro. While I don't want to talk about the Golden Ball.” 
“Mourinho stated in his interview that counts on each player's team and wants to see Higuain remained. Gonzalo should itself take a decision and we will respect his choice. We love him and he's a wonderful player.” 
“I am happy with Madrid and want to be in that Club. I like the stadium, guide, and I like playing in La Liga. However, I do not know what awaits me in the future.” 
“We have been joking about the upcoming game Germany-Portugal. Especially we like to joke with Mesut because it's funnier than Sami Khedira. The more calm and serious man. Sometimes we smeëmsâ together with the Spaniards who intending to win the euro. It's good that we sometimes so podšučivaem stacked on top of each other, it gives cohesion to our team.” 
“I believe that the main favourites for the European Forum are Spain, Germany and the Netherlands. These three countries have the best chance of winning. Portugal never considered a favorite, and this is good, because we don't feel much pressure to others. Our team of good players and a good coach. It was not an easy group, but we have to get out of it. Let's see what will.”

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