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The Harmfulness Of Smoking


The smoking damages the health.The smoke of cigarette contains such kind of material as nikotin
The smoking damages the health. The smoke of cigarette contains such kind of material as nikotin,as well as another kind of harmful materials.
The nikotin is consumed in the organizm by the help of mouth,nasal and respiratory tracts,wich mainly inflamed nervores system,and it in its turn brings giddiness headaches,makes the smokers recollection dimmer.The smoking causes such kind of diseases as cardiovascular and digestive diseases,cancer and so on.Nikotin makes vessel walls pressing,blood pressure icreases up the 20-50 per cent,then the heart musculse have to overcome additional dimand for pressing blood into the vessels.The increasing of heart drops pregnancy for 25 pur cent makes the heart being more pressed in sacrificion of its rest time.Nikotin reduces the heart musculs nourishing vessels,wich brings the luck of oxygen,it costs the reed of additional amount of oxygen.The harmful materials wich the cigarette contains,getting through the lungs,raise exchanges of lung tissues and different respiratory disease. 
The studies proved that adults begin smoking because of following main reasons (parents,friends actors and so on).If reems the smokers that the smoking is a means of relaxing,but teenagers think that is helps them get self confidence courage among their friends.One should know about the dangeres wich the smoking causes.
-Dependence from the nikotin,wich makes impossible for the great port of smokers give up smoking by themselves. 
-Discases of the respiratory organs (throat,drinking cavity,lungs and so on). 
-Cardiovascular diseases. 
-Canserlar discases. 
Besides all these,the smokers teeth are yellow,the breath ismt fresh,unpleasant and heavy smell percolates through the clothes and hair. 
The results of the studies (forend that) have forend out that the smoke of cigarette is dengerous not only for the smokers but olso for the people around them.
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