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Sexually Transmitted Infections


STIs are diseases which aperson gets infected with mainly during sexual relations. In population STIs are known as veneral diseases
STIs are diseases which aperson gets infected with mainly during sexual relations.In population STIs are known as veneral diseases (after Venera, who was the goddessof love and beauty according to the Roman mythology).At present there ara more than 20 diseases which are transmitted sexually. Frequently met diseases are Gonorrhea, sifilis Chlamydia, trichomoniasis, herpes, hepatitis B, etc.Some STIs, apart from the sexual way, can be transmitted also through blood,way of life, as well as from a sick mother to the child during the pregnancy period, delivery and and feeding with breast. Syphilis,as well as AIDS, hepatitis B and hepatitis C can be transmitted through blood.Through way of life children mostly get infected from their sick parents, who, having signs of an active disease, roughly break the hygiene rules(i.e. eat with the child with the same spoon, sleep in the sme bed).Through way of life adults can get infected only with sifilis. 
STIs are quite widely spread. According to the statistics of the health service world organization every sixth inhabitant on the earth suffers from this or that STI.According to the clculated data 340 million people annualy get infected with curable STIs. 
If STIs are not cured in time, they can cause the following serious comlications. 
-Women can have inflammatory diseases of small pelvic organs 
-Pregnancy outside the uterus,abortion, infertility 
-Cancer of cervical and prostate 
-Newborn babys infection from the infected mother 
-Prostate inflammation and impotence 
-Lesion of inner organs and nervous system. 
Besides the existence of STIs cosiderably increases the danger of AIDS infection.The possibility of AIDS transmission increases 6-10 times and more during peptic ulcer and 3-4 times during non-peptic ulcer lesions of sexual organs. 
It is often difficult to distinguish the early signs of STIs and the infected people mostly ignore them until more serious lesions appear.Sometimes the signs of STIs can disappear without treatment, but the virus still remains in the body.At any time the disease can develop and have more serious process and complications.
The fllowing signs confirm the existence of STIs:unpleasant feelings in the parts of sexual organs (itch, unusual production and odor), urinary disorders, pains in the abdominal region accompanied by temperature, pains during sexual relations, ulcers on the sexual organs.Most STIs can take course without prominent signs.even in that case the infected people are source of infection for their partners. Moreover, STIs without prominent signs can result in complications. All STIs are actually curable if they are diagnosed in time and the treament has been carried out by the respective specialists.
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