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In Spain believes that the cause of sadness Ronaldo is Kaka


Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka
Real Madrid's management and the coaching staff the team really want striker Cristiano Ronaldo felt the happiest man, according to the Spanish press.
But, as recently stated the Portuguese footballer, far from it. Ronaldo said he's upset against representatives of the Club, which is celebrating goals in goals. He even asked the President Royal Club Florentino Perez to allow him to leave Real Madrid. He further stated that his mood was not due to financial issues. Meanwhile, many took the opposite view.
According to the source, is to blame for the bad mood, his fellow Portuguese is Kaka. The latter could not be sold to another Club, which will have until at least the winter transfer window to pay him a higher salary. It does not allow Peres to raise wages of Ronaldo that greatly upset the latter.

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